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The Musical Athlete is a concept created to help Vocalists and Instrumentalists achieve their full musical and athletic potential.




The Musical Athlete is a concept created to help Vocalists and Instrumentalist achieve their full musical and athletic potential. 

This process began as Chris, a movement specialist who specializes in helping pro athletes achieve athletic potential, watched Stephanie sing at a Christmas performance.

As he marveled at her natural ability, he also noticed the way her body moved as she navigated different technical aspects of the piece. Pointing out these things to Stephanie, the two began working together and applying many of the concepts Chris's utilized with athletes to Stephanie's posture and set up position.

What Chris quickly found is that the same basic concepts that create an elite athlete-- the ability to stack the ribcage, pelvis and cranium and utilize the entire body as a mechanism to efficiently control the breath-- applied to vocalists and instrumentalists as well.


This work quickly helped Stephanie extend her upper register and find more freedom, flexibility and ease with her high notes. It gave rise to the process we utilize to help vocalists and instrumentalists reach their full athletic potential.




Your body is your instrument. The way you care for, train and nourish it's development will determine not only the quality of your voice or performance, but the longevity with which they are produced.

This begins by training the breathing mechanisms behind the voice and extends to the way we warm up, stand and sit and  all aspects of fitness and nutrition. 

As a vocalist or musician, you have been given an amazing gift and you ARE an athlete. Our goal is to assist in helping you to maximize your potential through better self understanding and preparing your body to it's fullest.





Chris Kelly

Biomechanics Coach and Postural Restoration Specialist

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Chris is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Functional Range Conditioning Specialist, a Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner and has done extensive course work through the Postural Restoration Institute.

He specializes in working with professional athletes and performers to optimize individual bio-mechanics, alignment and core strength. As a former college athlete who suffered traumatic injury, Chris’s career was saved through a better understanding of his own body and moving properly.


He is passionate about helping clients learn about their bodies and the way they move to eliminate injury and improve performance. 

Stephanie McCranie,

Professional Singer and Teacher

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Stephanie has an extensive background in the arts, from performing on stage to teaching and working in arts administration. Recently Stephanie was in Opera Tampa’s Carmen and in the World Premiere of Love v. Death as Elena Hoyo. Stephanie has performed with many companies including: The Dallas Opera, Opera Colorado, Opera Tampa, St. Pete Opera, Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, Opera del Sol and Central Florida Vocal Arts. Stephanie currently performs with the acclaimed Classical Crossover group, Klassika, which recently went on tour to South Africa. Ms. McCranie had the privilege of serving as faculty at Texas A&M University Commerce, University of the Incarnate Word and University of Tampa. Stephanie currently has her own voice studio and is an active soloist. In addition to a Bachelors in Music Education from Stetson University, Ms. McCranie has a Masters in Vocal Performance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.