The Musical Athlete Mentorship isn't just a course or certification, it is a 12 week intensive experience that will transform not just your body and voice, but also your understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and principles of the most cutting edge information available on breathing, posture and physical training for singers.



It's time to understand and expect more from physical training for singers!

Are you tired of being told things about your body that are not clear?


"Breathe thru your ovaries"


"Breath the color blue"


"Sing while you are performing planks"


These are all statements our singers have heard from teachers and trainers with the common theme being WTF?

The goal of our Mentorship is to give you an understanding of what is going on inside your own body through practical information that you can use NOW to improve the way you or your students manage breathing and improve vocal ease.


  • Weekly 90 minute education module lesson

  • Weekly Follow up articles and videos to simplify weekly topic

  • Access to private Slack group to ask questions and interact with the MA community

  • 12 week Musical Athlete fitness training program accessible via our Specialized phone app

  •  Two live weekly Core Restore mobility classes

  • Individualized assessment and warm up for singing



  • Improved vocal ease and breath management

  • Improved capacity of buffer oxygen and CO2 tolerance (operate better with less air)

  • Lowered resting heart rate

  • Improved posture and body control

  • Improved cardiovascular capacity and physical strength




Mentorship creator Chris Kelly possess a Masters Degree in Journalism from Columbia University, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and has completed all the education for systems such as Functional Range Conditioning, Postural Restoration Institute, Bill Hartman’s Intensive and Neurokinetic Therapy. 


As the owner of Fitness Rehab, a sports medicine and performance company, Chris specializes in using biomechanical principles to help people overcome movement problems and understand their bodies better.

MA was created by movement coach and trainer Chris Kelly and professional opera singer Stephanie McCranie, who met at a Halloween party and started working together after Chris watched Stephanie sing during a Christmas performance and made adjustments to her posture resulting in immediate improvement in her voice.


The subsequent global pandemic gave Stephanie and Chris the perfect opportunity to begin working together on posture, breathing and positioning.  As her control and range improved, they began working with other singers and teaching their methods to vocal teachers who seek to understand how the breath supports the airway.


Today, their client list includes notable names such as Isabel Leonard, Kirsten Chambers as well as numerous Professional Opera singers and Vocal Teachers throughout the world. 



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