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Every performer wants the same thing: to have complete control over their instrument. Your instrument IS your voice - and that’s why it’s so important to approach it in a way that takes the whole body into consideration.

How would you feel if you could set yourself up to sing each day, whether it was for a practice session or for a major performance - feeling 100% confident that what would come out is exactly what you want?

  • What if you KNEW that high note would float out?

  •  What if you were CERTAIN that you’d have the endurance to sing through practice sessions, rehearsals, teaching AND performances?

  •  What if you had a PLAN to make sure this would be the case for years and years in the future?

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In this 3-Day training you’re going to discover:

  • The #1 way to make sure you’re using breath control in the RIGHT way so you can rely on your voice AND prevent injuries.

  • Learn an effective way to warm up that doesn’t even include singing… and allows you to begin singing immediately without hurting your voice!

  • Discover how your body type influences your vocal care (yes it does matter!) and how assessing this will transform your routine.

  • How to actually utilize oxygen better (yes, that’s really possible!) and the incredible effect it has on your vocal quality.


You’ll walk away with a new-found confidence in your voice and your body, an ability to see a new way into breath control and stamina, and we guarantee you’ll be blown away by what you learn in connection with your body and your voice in a totally new way.


Caroline Bruker, Coloratura Soprano

The warm up and cool downs have immensely helped my tendency to arch my back (which then leads to pain in my lower back). Just the fact of being more aware of my pelvic tuck throughout all exercises has been a life changer. Something so simple, that no one ever told me to be mindful of. It has drastically improved my singing and athletic ability. 


My voice is more connected to my body - due to keeping the pelvic tuck and a better understanding of the movement of the pelvic floor - how to activate it and release it and exercises to help this process. I'm able to sing clearer coloratura passages, because my breath is more stable and I'm able to "control" the exhale with the knowledge of which muscles are actually needed for exhalation and the ability to focus on movements to enhance these muscles. I have an overall better understanding what my teachers are trying to say to me. This is HUGE!


This program has achieved what years of voice lessons (and don't want to talk about how much money...) could never do! It has taught me how to understand my body type and how that changes my perception of my personal vocal technique.


Eugenia Forteza, Mezzo-Soprano


One thing that I have learned is that the physical part of my warmup is essential for me now. I feel a huge difference if I don't do it and find it very hard to sing if my body is not warmed up properly and if I don't take the time to get in the zone and connect to my breath before I start making sounds.


My breathing capacity and exhalation control has drastically improved, as well as my agility and ability to sustain long phrases. My voice is freer and less tense because my entire body is stronger and working better to support it. I also am able to focus better on the whole process of singing and not just the sound of my voice. I feel more confident and less neurotic!!

Sign Up for 3 Free Days of Training Beginning March 18th

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Training begins March 18th!

Delivered through our customized app and via zoom

our  training seminar will teach you:

  • A stronger awareness of pelvic floor, hamstring, and oblique muscles. 

  • A stabilized and athletic physical posture while singing. 

  • An improved ease and quality of my overall vocal technique through consistent daily warm ups.

  • An improved expansion of hard to release areas such as the upper back and neck during singing.

  • An increased vocal freedom due to physical strength and control of your power source

  • An improved confidence in, understanding of and love for your body.