If you are not spending time cultivating a stronger core and better posture on a daily basis, you are getting worse versus better as a singer.

If you're ready to take your performances to the next level, join us today!



  • Notice greatly improved vocal endurance, control and recovery in a matter of days or weeks.

  • Feel more confident in your voice and be able to warm up without vocalizing if necessary

  • Understand how breathing truly works and how to control tension throughout the entire body.

  • Experience less stiffness, tightness, tension and pain in your joints and muscles.

  • Enjoy hours of continuing education in our group and stupid jokes with Chris and Steph.



  My teacher told me my results so far have been extraordinary.

  He said that my body seem to be in perfect balance and that he noticed my posture was better with each note.

- Sherri M, Classical Vocalist and Teacher



Our Program Includes: 

  • A customized 10-15 minute warm up consisting of custom breathing and posture exercises. These exercises will immediately improve your posture and train the diaphragm to fully contract and relax to produce optimal vocalization.

  • Over 25 six minute core circuits that can be done throughout the day to strengthen your core and improve posture.

  • Learn how to self assess your body to choose the right exercises and circuits as well as what exercises and movements in the gym and life to AVOID like the plague.

  • A 30 minute session with Chris to review and progress your exercises.

  • Lifetime access to our custom facebook group where we are constantly posting new workouts, taking questions and interacting.



I was really happy during my first practice session after doing the exercises.

  My app for me lately more active and as a result I had more control as I exhaled.

  My voice seemed ready at the first vocal exercise and I reached the top of my range immediately.

  I almost felt like I was ready to sing without vocalizing.

Alessandra H, Professional Opera Singer



My name is Chris Kelly, a Sports Medicine and Biomechanics expert who, along with my partner Professional Vocal teacher and Opera Singer Stephanie Mccranie, has worked with hundreds of singers to increase vocal range and endurance along with breath management by improving the way they breath.

How we do this is through a series of specialized breathing drills designed to improve postural alignment along with rib cage and pelvis expansion and strength in less than 20 minutes per day. 

Most importantly, we teach you how to customize this program to fit the unique demands of YOUR body (as opposed to cookie cutter stretching) and progress the program as you get stronger.

Through this program, you will PERMENANTLY improve posture and vocal ability by training your entire body as an instrument.

Normally singers pay us thousands of dollars to teach you what we have included in this program. However, because our mission is to improve the holistic health of 10,000 singers, we have decided to release it so you can jump start your vocal fitness.

As part of the program, you are given a session and on-going communication with us. We are extremely excited to work with you and look forward to helping you become a Musical Athlete!

 - Chris and Steph



My exercise sessions are absolutely helping with my practice.

  I don't feel like I have to will my breathing to work, so I feel more motivated to practice!.

- Rachel D, Professional Vocal Teacher