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Be on top of your game

Everything we do is built from a detailed assessment. As we like to say assess do not guess. There is a detailed why behind every decision we make. Think about this as an extremely specific plan made exactly for you with the goal of improving your health and fitness.


The assessment will tell us exactly what you need to work on. Together we will formulate the best approach to reaching all of your musical goals while improving your breathe management, mobility, body composition, stamina, and athleticism. 





| F.A.Q. |




Once you purchase your program we will send you a video tutorial of how to complete the assessment on your own. Once you have completed the assessment, a twenty minute video call will be scheduled with Chris and Stephanie to discuss your program.


We will use the free Trainerize to host your program. It is extremely user friendly and allows you to ask questions, input numbers, and provide feedback. At the end of week six we will schedule another video call to lock in the next six weeks.


Upon completing week twelve of your program we will have our third video call. Here we will review your program, discuss progress and answer any questions you have. 





Assess postural and physical capabilities

Our process begins by an assessment of current posture and movement potential. The position of the ribcage, pelvis and cranium and their ability to move through the process cycle determines the capacity to receive air and produce phonation (creating sound).

Often, restrictions in the mobility or movement capabilities of these structures robs you of physical potential. This assessment will help us to create a blueprint for improvement and progress.




Musical Athlete Platinum Program

This program is for Musicians who are seeking to improve posture, phonation, breath management and overall stage endurance. 


This program includes the works-- we create a custom fitness program combined with posture, injury prevention and overall endurance.


  • 1 hour Zoom Assessment

  • 4x Zoom follow ups (30 min) as needed

  • A detailed workout program with exercise video links via mobile-app tailored to your fitness goals.

  • Posture and injury prevention program built into your custom fitness program

$200 Per Month



1. Can I sign up for one month at a time?

We make our individual programming twelve weeks mandatory for a many different reasons. The main reasons are to establish realistic expectations and ensure progress. 

True biological and postural change takes longer than four weeks. This is our highest commitment of service allowing us to do everything in our power to help you succeed. 

We offer other programs, such as Movement Blueprint that will assist you in this process but with less time and financial commitment. 

Feel free to reach out via email and find out what option is best for you.

2. Are there videos to follow?

Every exercise in your program will come with a detailed coaching video. Students are also encourage to video exercises they have questions about for form checks.

3. How do we communicate during the twelve weeks?

The more we communicate, the more successful we will be. Your program is offered through a specialized app where you are able to send unlimited questions. We will also send a weekly

check in form we ask that you fill out. These check ins will allow us to modify your program as needed.

4. What does this program consist of?

Our comprehensive program includes the following:

  • A specialized biomechanical warm up for performances to maximize breathing and posture.

  • Specific recommendations on sitting, standing and sleeping postures to eliminate bad posture.

  • Mobility program to improve overall body control and air flow

  • Fitness program to improve diaphragmatic control and strength. 

5. Can I sign up if I have injuries?

In general yes. The best route for anyone with serious injuries is to email with all of the information you have included physical therapy notes, MRI’s, and a detailed summary of your history. In the case that we feel you need more help we will absolutely tell you and advise against signing up for online training.

6. What is the daily time commitment?

Your availability and level of commitment are defining factors in your program design. 

This means we will not give you more than you can handle and always enough to make progress. In general, 20 minutes a day for maintenance work and 4 days a week of 60-90 minutes is a winning formula.